Notion Freelance Hub


Struggling to manage your client projects and freelance business all at once?

Feeling overwhelmed with too many admin documents to keep up with running the biz?

I use to have no system and struggled to create content consistently, but when I came up with a system it doubled my productivity and I clarity only my freelance business at all times.

This kit is built for freelancers, designers and solopreneurs that want to streamline their freelance projects.

I use this template daily in my business and it's given me time back to focus on clients and design. This is a game-changer if you want to level up your business and be efficient with your time.


  • Design HQ dashboard to manage all projects in 1 spot
  • Client Portal Template To Manage design projects
  • Brand Out Reach Tool to get clients and leads
  • Social Media Content Planner
  • Freelance Finance Calculator
  • Weekly To-Do Template
  • Mega Design Resource List
  • Detailed Video Walkthrough and Tutorial

SUPPORT AND UPDATES I always provide the support you can contact me and I can help you right away. I do update templates over time if there are new features with Notion.

TESTED AND USED I've used them in my own freelance business and they have improved my productivity and workflow when working with clients or on internal brand projects.


"Can’t thank you enough for the notion kit, ever since I downloaded it my productivity has sky rocketed! Now that I use Notion I couldn’t imagine my life without it 🔥🔥"

"This starter kit provides excellent tools to manage content creation, finances and outreach. I found it much easier and quicker than trying to figure everything out myself. Also, the detailed tutorials helped to help understand how to use the tools when I started."

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Notion Freelance Hub

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