Graphic Design Portfolio For Beginners

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Every designer first starts off with a portfolio, one that wows people and builds your client work.

However, to craft a portfolio that actually gets you clients has practical steps

Typically the design work from college isn't practical enough to present and gain prospects.

I want to show you how to craft a great portfolio website, case studies and get more clients.

You’ll learn:

  • Creating case studies for real client projects
  • How to create attractive images
  • How to use tools like Behance
  • Where I get inspiration for building my portfolio
  • Making spectacular mockups
  • Ideas for creating a concept brief for practice
  • The best method to get testimonials
  • How I build a basic portfolio website
  • Templates to use for your own portfolio
  •  + More tips and tricks

This class is for:

- Graphic Designers
- Freelancers
- Junior designers
- Beginners

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MP4 Video Lessons, Student PDFs and worksheets

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Graphic Design Portfolio For Beginners

0 ratings
I want this!