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200 Grunge Textures

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Best Selling Textures for only $29 - Upgrade Your Texture Library

This texture bundle includes a total of 200 textures from 4 best-selling texture packs (usually $60 if you were to purchase these separately).

Textures range from Raw materials such as (wood, sand, concrete, dust, rust, steel) created at the highest quality so you can get the best results.

Select, drag and drop, modify color, mask and scale with ease. It's that easy and the best thing about it is that it works with illustrator! Tifs are super useful for illustrator and even screen printing for t-shirts.

All files are compatible with both vector and bitmap applications such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, including early versions


  • 50 Fine Grit Textures
  • 50 Real Dirty Textures
  • 50 Grunge & Grime Textures
  • 50 Raw & Natural Textures
  • Scalable High Res Tiff Files (6000x4000)
  • Customisable textures: size, color, blend modes
  • Quick Tips, Instructions (PDF) + Video
  • Custom-made textures from raw materials and a sony a7m2
  • Bonuses Included in packs
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200 Grunge Textures

0 ratings
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